"You've made me who I am; thank you."



Dylan Jakobsen isn’t your typical country artist. He didn’t grow up on a farm & he doesn’t drink alcohol. His love of country music stemmed from artists like Petty, Springsteen & Mellencamp whose lyrics helped him find his voice as a writer and shape his career. His newest release [I Am] walks you through a story 25 years in the making. From writing the songs, playing the instruments and producing it in his own studio, this album is so much more than he could ever imagine. “You know, I wanted this album to be special, to be more than just another release and be something I was proud of from beginning to end. And my only request is that you listen at least 1 time all the way through before you judge it. Feel my story, hear my journey, meet the real me.” Over the last few years Dylan has been able to accomplish things he never thought were possible as an independent artist. From touring the country and playing shows with artists like Eli Young Band, Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, and LOCASH on select US dates, to being named "One of 10 New Country Acts To Watch" by The Boot, a “Who’s Rising Now” featured artist on Taste of Country and having his single “In America” reach Top 40 on Billboard Indicator and Top 20 on Music Row's Country Breakout chart, he has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. “I don’t want to be just another one of many. I’m here to prove that this is where I’m supposed to be.”

"Learned to win you've got to lose it all cause you find yourself in the free fall..."





"Jakobsen's voice soars" - Angela Stefano, THE BOOT

"Watch for Jakobsen's uplifting nature to only keep elevating him" - Cillea Houghton, TASTE OF COUNTRY

"This is very, very cool sounding. Who are you? Send more." - Robert Oermann, MUSIC ROW

"Dylan's a deep guy with a story to tell and his fans have only just begun to peel back the layers" - Phyllis Stark, ALL ACCESS

"His talent, across the board, is undeniable" - Madison Oler, GRATEFUL WEB

"He's exactly what the format needs right now." - Lynn Rutledge, WMEV

"If Springsteen was to do a Country song, this is it! Refreshing vocal, and spot-on lyrically. I can hear my phones ringing for this song now...."- Derek Beck, KRGI

"In America is what country music is supposed to be. A feel good anthem that speaks to how many of us were brought up, with a little red, white, and blue pride mixed in." - Shawn Patrick, KCCY



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