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Born Again: A Brand New Playlist to Get You Motivated

If there's one thing I'd consider my "great takeaway" as we step out from the darkness of the Covid era, it is that our mental health and the way we perceive life on a day to day basis is EVERYTHING. I, just like so many of you, have been through a lot these past couple years. Through the peaks and valleys we've witnessed, learning to practice a positive outlook and remain hopeful has been my #1 saving grace. It's something I've practiced not only in my personal life, but I've noticed it's transcendence into my creative space, including songwriting and the very platform I speak to you on now. It's a huge reason why I've decided to start a new playlist entitled Born Again; A collection of songs that keep me encouraged and motivated, updated every Friday!

I'm very excited to officially launch this little endeavor so go give it a follow!

I'll be sitting down and handpicking new inspiration for the both of us every week, and already look forward to doing so. In the meantime, do you have any songs you think I should hear? What am I missing? Is there a song out there that has changed your life in a positive way? Let me know!

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