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Dylan Jakobsen Releases New Song "Beautiful"

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Dylan Jakobsen has just released the first taste of new music off his forthcoming 3rd Studio Album with the uplifting track "Beautiful". The singer shared the news via Facebook on Friday (Oct. 9th) stating "I'm excited to share my newest release with y'all. Beautiful is the first song off my upcoming album and one that's really been true to my life these past few months. We all have the choice on how we choose to live out our days. This upcoming collection of songs is the product of how I have chosen to live out mine this past year and just in writing them, I feel like I’ve discovered an entire new side of myself that had been waiting to be brought to light. I’m happier than ever and I’m optimistic for what’s to come".

Download/Stream the new song "Beautiful" here:

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