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Dylan Jakobsen Showcases Powerful Message with “I Feel Good” (Exclusive)

On Friday, August 5th, 2022 Dylan went to social media with the following statement to unveil the music video for his latest single "I Feel Good": It's been a tough week y'all. We lost our oldest fur baby, Felipe, and it's been hard to see the bright side through it. Felipe was the boss of our house and definitely kept us all on our toes. He lived his life demanding treats and cuddles and if he didn't get it, he was very vocal about it. He lived his life the way we all should; to the fullest. Today I'm taking after him and even though it's not a happy week, I'm still very grateful for all I've been given.

So today, in honor of Felipe, the music video for "I Feel Good" is out. Give it a like, share, or view if you have a minute but really just take the message to heart. Life is short and even on the bad days, we gotta keep looking ahead. Life is a beautiful gift and every single day we get to wake up here should make us feel dang good.

Link to video below! Thanks to Music Crowns for debuting it with us.



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