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Dylan Releases 'Get Back' as Next Single off of 'Set Fire to the Night'

As of today, you can now listen to Dylan's latest single Get Back, available on all streaming platforms. His newest track, written as an ode to falling in love with music all over again, comes next in a stream of single releases off of 2021's Set Fire to the Night.

Dylan released in a statement via Facebook on February 17th "Get Back came from a place of rediscovery for me. It was me, rekindling my love for music through the artists I grew up on. Like picking up a guitar for the first time and feeling like I could take on the world. There’s something special about dropping the needle on a vinyl - the truest form of that record that can take you away to a different place in time. It can turn your day around. It can erase the numb and allow you to feel again. It’s the power of a song."

Listen to Get Back: 

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