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Watch the CMT Premiere of the 'Get Back' Music Video

The official music video for "Get Back" released today via Dylan released a statement via Facebook in celebration of it's premiere.

"Huge thanks to CMT for partnering with us on this release!

I hope you enjoy what has quickly become one of my favorite music videos we've released thus far. I've spent a lot of time the past few years rekindling my passion for music by getting back to my roots and the music I was raised-up on.

Ever since the inception of "Get Back", I've always looked forward to bringing it's story to life visually. I vividly remember being that little kid riding the bus to school everyday, cd player in hand and a tangled up wad of headphones in my backpack. The music always carried me someplace special on that short ride. I think music has that power in all of us a little bit and I hope this song sparks that memory in you too!"


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